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sculptures jewelery painting

Dennis says :

''There is a spirit in everything and creating art is a powerful spiritial act.
When I see a piece of antler, the picture of what I am going to carve automatically comes to me.
When I complete a piece of artwork, I feel a sense of accomplishment which brings me pride, joy and peacefulness ''.

Freedom, two eagles flying
three pieces, moose antler

size: 130 cm x 66 cm
Wall hanger Moose antler Button Blanket Dancer - Wallhanger
Polar bear, bison hair,trade beats,
abelone button, moose antler,
musk ox horn, elk skin

size: 90 cm x 45 cm

Moose antler Polar bear Medicine Man
Moose antler , polar bear 

size 15 cm x 10 cm
Moose antler & wooden stand Melting Ice
Waluss and polar bear sculpture
Moose antler on wooden stand

size 15 cm x 15 cm
Polar bear moose antler Polar bear on ice
Mosse antler
size 15 cm x 10 cm
wall hanger moose antler Native Pride
Moose antler, musk ox horn,
owl feather, trade beats, elk skin,
rabbit fur 

                                            ALL PIECES ARE ONE OF A KIND 

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