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DENA ZAGI - the voice of the people. Best traditional music.

Dena Zagi existed since 2009 and it started as Jenny and Dennis.
Dennis Shorty is the song writer and singer and he plays the guitar.
Jennifer Froehling is the backup singer and she plays the traditional drum. She is original from Germany and Dennis' partner.

Both are living in Ross River and travel a lot to promote Dennis' art work.
During the travels we perform at openings in Luckenwalde 2010 and 2011 in Koenigs Wusterhausen in Germany at Dennis' solo art exhibitions and at the Karl May Festtage in Radebeul and 10th anniversary of Hornbach in Ludwigsfelde in Germany.

We also performed in youth camps at Caribou Lake and Rose Lake.
Since 2011 there are two more members: Madeline Talyfer and Brian Ladue.
Madeline lives in Whitehorse and she plays the tarditional drum and she is a backup singer.
Brian lives in Ross River and he is a backup singer and plays the guitar and traditional drum.

We played together as a group at the Adeaka Festival in Whitehorse. Dennis and Brian are also playing with the Kaska Drummers. Dennis Shorty is also a national and international visual artist.

The music of Dena Zagi is in Kaska language and the lyrics is about the land, spirits, respect, ancestors and traditions.

'Dena Zagi' means 'peoples voice' on mother earth.

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Dennis Shorty,vocals / guitar
Jennifer Froehling , vocals/ drum
Madeline Talyfer,vocals/ drum
Brian Ladue,vocals/ guitar

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